Welcome to Jordan Steele Photography. I am an amateur photographer based in Columbus, OH. I hope you enjoy my photos.

Recent Updates and News:

[3 September] 36 additional images have been added to the gallery, including those from my New Mexico trip. Just 53 more to bring the gallery up to date. That update will likely be next week.

[2 September] It's been a long time, but a series of major image updates is on its way. Right now, 24 new images have been added to the gallery. 36 more will be added over the next two days!

[16 January] My new blog, Admiring Light, has launched! I will be writing reviews of photography gear, software, accessories, books, etc, as well as posting new images regularly and other musings about photography. Check it out!

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Most Recent Photos

African Parrot, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Sunset, Albuquerque, NM

Floating Capsule





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