Photography Links

Admiring Light - This is the hub of my photographic activity, where I discuss photography news, issue detailed camera equipment reviews and post all my most recent images, usually the day they are taken. Check it out!

BetterPhoto - A good site with photography courses, camera and equipment reviews, photos from some outstanding amateur and professional photographers, contests, and tips for all types of photography.

Canon Cameras - The makers of some of the best cameras in the world, film or digital. Of course, there are lots of great makers of cameras...I just happen to use Canon.

Fred Miranda - The Fred Miranda site is an excellent resource for photographers. Filled with equipment reviews, Photoshop Actions and Plug-Ins, and Forums filled with serious amateur and professional photographers. A premier site for the serious photographer.

Photography on the Net - A great forum of Canon camera users. Users range from beginners to seasoned professionals. This is a great mix of knowledge...basics and extremely advanced topics are all welcome.

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